The story of antimatter
  1. 30/06/1905

    Albert Einstein publishes his theory of Special Relativity

    On 30 June 1905 the German physics journal…

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  2. 07/04/1912

    Victor Hess discovers cosmic rays

    In 1911 and 1912 Austrian physicist Victor Hess…

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  3. 27/01/1926

    Erwin Schrödinger and Werner Heisenberg devise a quantum theory

    In the 1920s, physicists were trying to apply…

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  4. 02/01/1928

    Dirac's equation predicts antiparticles

    In 1928, British physicist Paul Dirac wrote down…

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  5. 09/09/1932

    Carl Anderson discovers the positron

    In 1932 Carl Anderson, a young professor at the…

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  6. 02/02/1934

    Ernest Lawrence patents the cyclotron

    In 1929 Ernest Lawrence – then associate…

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  7. 01/04/1954

    The Bevatron starts up at Berkeley, California

    The Bevatron in 1958 (Image: Lawrence Berkeley…

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  8. 01/11/1955

    The Bevatron discovers the antiproton

    A paper titled "Observation of antiprotons," by…

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  9. 03/10/1956

    The Bevatron discovers the antineutron

    The journal Physical Review receives the paper…

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  10. 27/07/1964

    Cronin and Fitch detect a difference between matter and antimatter

    In 1964, James Cronin and Val Fitch at Brookhaven…

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  11. 01/09/1965

    First observations of antinuclei

    By 1965, all three particles that make up atoms (…

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  12. 18/08/1978

    First storage of antiprotons

    CERN issues a press release announcing the first…

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  13. 04/04/1981

    First proton-antiproton collisions

    The Intersecting Storage Rings produced the world…

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  14. 15/09/1995

    First antiatoms produced: antihydrogen, at CERN

    A team led by Walter Oelert created atoms of…

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  15. 07/02/1997

    Antiproton Decelerator approved

    In 1996 CERN's antiproton machines – the…

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  16. 18/09/2002

    ATHENA and ATRAP create "cold" antimatter

    Two CERN experiments, ATHENA and ATRAP, created…

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  17. 05/06/2011

    ALPHA traps antimatter atoms for 1000 seconds

    The ALPHA experiment at CERN reported today that…

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  18. 28/07/2011

    ASACUSA weighs antimatter to one part in a billion

    In a paper published today in the journal Nature…

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